Skylark Attic Stairs

Skylark Attic Stairs

Skylark Electric Attic Stairs Austin, TX

If you are looking to add convenient attic stairs and a touch of European design to your Texas home, you are in the right place! Texas Energy Experts is the local installer of Skylark Attic Stairs, a technology that represents a huge leap forward for attic stairs. Gone are the days of rickety old attic stairs that you struggle to lift back into place! Skylark Attic Stairs are fully automated and highly reliable, with state of the art safety features.

Benefits of a Skylark Electric Attic Stairs

When providing our Skylark Electric Attic Stairs we believe in providing our clients with the best standard of craftsmanship, and we provide the best materials, so rest assured you are getting the best!

  • 10-year Warranty*
  • Operational by remote controls
  • No lifting, pulling, pushing
  • ANYONE can open and close a Skylark!
  • Ladder made from Beech hard wood
  • The Skylark has deep non slip steps
  • Two hand rails on all Skylarks
  • Excels at higher ceilings
  • Removes the anxiety of going to your attic
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple unit sizes to choose from
  • Comes with remote and hard-wired switch and Bluetooth connectivity to your phone
  • Full battery backup, Skylark works as normal, under battery power for more than 20 full movements
  • Incredible solid stairs 225kg working load
  • Can be wired to home central systems

We are ready to take care of your automatic attic stair installation today – just give us a call, and we will give you a free price quote for Skylark automatic stair installation!