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New AC Unit cost

Find out the total cost for a new ac unit in your city. New AC unit cost by location with option to purchase.

New AC Unit Cost: Total Cost to Replace AC Unit (By City)

Nobody wants to suffer through the intense summer heat without their AC working correctly. That’s the #1 reason why you should ensure that your AC unit is in tip-top shape.

If it isn't, then I'm sure you are wondering what does a new AC unit cost? That is why we have put together this brief guide for determining the cost for a new AC unit.

new ac unit cost

How much does a new AC unit Cost?

A basic first step if you are experiencing problems with your air conditioner unit is to see if it is something you can take care of yourself. Filters in need of replacement and clogged drain lines are common causes of your system having difficulty circulating cold air and/or just blowing warm air around the house.

These are also easy fixes. But if you fear the problem is much more complicated or you don’t feel qualified to make the diagnosis for yourself, you should definitely consult an AC professional.

Next, after determining what the problem really is, you’ll need to decide if it is better to fix or replace your system. This is where the “5000 Rule” can help. Multiply the estimated repair cost by the age of your system. If it is less than $5000, repair might be a sensible choice. If it is more than $5000, replacement might be the smart recommendation.

AC replacement units run right in line with the national average of $5000. The typical range nationally falls between $4000 to $6000. In general, you’ll not pay less than $2000 and could spend as much as $10,000.

The 5000 Rule is not an exact calculation, but it can certainly help you make this important decision.

Factors to consider

There are several factors to consider as well when determining how much an new ac unit will cost.

Climate zones

Examining a heating and cooling climate zone map is an excellent way to help identify how much energy it takes to heat and cool your home.  America is divided into several climate zones depending on how mild or extreme the temperatures are.

Each zone has its own set of requirements for effective home heating and cooling. For example, Zone 1 has the highest temperature, and Zone 5 has the lowest. Florida and Texas are included in Zone 1. Many states bordering Canada are included in Zone 5, such as Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption per square foot to heat a home is lowest in Zone 1 and highest in Zone 5. Conversely, energy consumption per square foot to cool a home is highest in Zone 1 and lowest in Zone 5. According to most climate zone maps and charts, it takes 50-60 BTUs per square foot to cool a house in Texas (Zone 1).

Unit Size

The size of an HVAC unit is measured in tons, often referred to as tonnage. In order to calculate the size HVAC unit you need, take the number of square feet in your home and multiply by the number of BTUs required per square foot as noted above. One ton of cooling capacity = 12,000 BTUs. So your formula is:

Square Feet (SF), times BTUs per SF, divided by 12,000 = TonsAs an example: the average American home is generally considered to be about 2000 square feet. The average BTUs per SF in Texas is 55.

Therefore the average house in Texas would need a 9.5 ton HVAC unit. (rounding up to the nearest .5)

Replacing your AC Unit

While there are obviously brands, quality, options, and many other factors that will affect your final price, we hope this guide has given you a general idea of an HVAC unit cost so that you won’t be surprised when the time comes to replace yours.

Keep in mind that all the information in this guide is based on averages and general statistics. Your specific situation may be very different. It is always a good idea to seek the assistance of professionals.

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